From August 2017-May 2018 I was a contracted staff writer at advertising industry news site Campaign US. The site does not have contributor pages, so please see below for my posts. 


Social good & equity
Ad Council goes beyond ‘I Do’ to fight LGBT discrimination

ACLU’s new campaign for Dreamers uses Trump’s own words against him

The rise of Nazi Germany unfolds one anxious day at a time at Kristallnacht museum

An alien and a boy ponder big questions of masculinity in new Harry’s campaign

In a new PSA, Mariska Hargitay’s nonprofit aims to end the rape kit backlog

‘Know Your Girls’: Susan G. Komen, Ad Council to black women

Tired of being touched, W+K art director creates a game about black hair

Saatchi & Saatchi NY highlights the tough choices facing people with Down Syndrome

Swift’s For Women connects mentors with ad industry hopefuls

Ready Set Rocket redesigns OCD with Intrusive Thoughts

The ugly truth about advertising’s gender bias

Accessible website design for users with disabilities lags far behind demand

Nevertheless, these advertising women persisted

Five times skincare brands failed black consumers

Event coverage

Hard-hitting questions on racism, sexual assault dominate day two of 3% conference

3% conference goes beyond gender in its sixth year

Tecate VP on last year’s ‘Border Wall’ campaign: ‘It’s not about politics’

Advertising won’t get better until it stops ‘sleeping on’ Black Twitter

Industry trends & analysis

Brands are using influencers to get around cannabis restrictions

Successful Super Bowl ads by the numbers

Here’s how brands use Twitter during the Super Bowl

Animation helps sell dry and difficult products, says new study

It takes more than a menorah to connect with Hanukkah shoppers

Brands should take a stand on divisive issues, says new Sprout Social study

Consumers are more likely to share milestones on social than IRL, new study says

From Selena to millenials, Latinos continue shaping the American marketing landscape

Emotional narratives won big at last year’s Super Bowl, says new study

Temple University researchers expose the pitfalls of social advertising

How scared should the industry be of the FTC? 


Profiles & interviews

Essentia Water’s new CMO wants to rewrite the beverage playbook

An Antarctic marathon is the next adventure for NA Collective’s Chiara Adin

How Wonderful’s clementine brand pivoted to grown-ups

Two months in, 280 characters hasn’t shifted Twitter’s strategy

Truth uses a country-singing cowboy to call out the tobacco industry

Cycling legend Major Taylor is Hennessy’s latest Wild Rabbit 

Make-A-Wish looks to beat a world record with its new campaign

Tommy John puts women’s ‘little adjustments’ in the spotlight

Meals on Wheels asks Americans to do lunch for their own good

Vimeo goes big at SXSW to celebrate ten years of Staff Picks

Justin’s Nut Butter goes national with a cheeky new campaign

Under Armour launches branded content venture with Nigerian bobsled team

Olympic stories of families rooting from home power Intel’s latest campaign

Pornhub’s F Your PEriod encourages its female users to be self-centered

Squarespace gets its latest Super Bowl campaign into gear with Keanu Reeves

Vox Creative and PepsiCo team up for round two of Game Day Grub Match

Pornhub unloads its massive 2017 data recap

Truth asks whether Big Tobacco is exploiting veterans and the mentally ill

Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee gets a boost from RTO+P

WeTransfer updates Voyager’s golden records in new campaign

The Nativity gets a modern makeover in the first campaign from Home Paternity Tests

Ads for pee-proof underwear redefine the customers that wear them

New York’s historic murders come to AR life in ‘Gruesome Gotham’

Why a dating app went out-of-home in search of better connections

‘Coco’ filmmakers discover family history in latest Ancestry spot

Drones, whale snot, and reindeer meat fueled Intel’s latest social good campaign

Ally’s The Big Save AR game offers a money-conscious challenge to Super Bowl excess

Jam3’s ‘Invisible Highway’ flexes Google’s new AR software dev kit

Meet Jane Walker, the Black Label icon for Women’s History Month

Skeptical kids ridicule Trump’s border wall in new David & Goliath campaign